Acme Graphics Ready-To-Wear…
or We Can Hem Those Pants

Why order a brand new, tailor-made graphic when we offer so many options already on the rack? We have concise elements ready to accompany stories of interest to a broad range of readers. Our diagrams document the size of the Titanic and the structure of Earth's atmosphere, and our maps chart Columbus' first voyage and the locations of the world's gold deposits.

History is a specialty of ours, and in Ancient and Recent History you'll find a graphic that explains the Maya concept of zero, understandable to young readers; a primer on Chinese papermaking; and an illustration of young Native Americans playing one of their favorite games, an early form of soccer.

Check out Earth and How It Works if you need to explain tectonic plates or El Nino's influence, or to chart the progress of monarch butterfiles as they migrate across North America.

We're space nuts. A visit to Space Near and Far will offer a diagram of how an astronaut suits up, an explanation of the phases of the moon, and a roadmap of the solar system.

Graphics can be emailed in a form that allows for easy placement in page layout programs. Usage fees are negotiated on a per-project basis. If you find a graphic that almost fits, we can make alterations. To inquire about usage, simply contact us with the particulars.

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