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The field of science is chock-full of jaw-dropping statistics. We feel right at home.
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File name Description Size (inches) File type
11279.food_irradiator How food is irrradiated to kill bacteria 5.5 x 3 Color; EPS
11481.train_track_&_wheel What keeps a train on its tracks 7 x 3.75 Color; EPS
11599.glass_is_a_liquid Internal molecular structures of glass and sand 5 x 2.5 Color; EPS
11749.how_lasers_work The production of laser light 6 x 2.5 Color; EPS
11814.fire_safety_in_home Typical house, with fire safety suggestions 10 x 9 Color; EPS
11830.oil_supertanker Diagram of an oil supertanker, 4 football fields long 14 x 4.75 Color; EPS
12034.flower_diagram Diagram of the various parts of a flower 4.25 x 3.75 Color; EPS
12175.fusion_&_fission The difference in nuclear fusion and fission 5 x 3 Color; EPS
12440.recycling_facility Modern facility dedicated to automated recycling 14 x 6 Color; EPS
12617.electrocardiogram Diagram of an electrocardiogram readout 3.75 x 2 Color; EPS
13143.killer_virus_origins Earth map locating virus origins 10 x 3 Color; EPS
13217.dna_&_rna_helixes Diagrams of DNA and RNA strands 5.75 x 4.75 Color; EPS
13217.laws_of_heredity Roles that genes play in height of plants 2.25 x 3 Color; EPS

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