Roping in Profits for American Cowboy

American Cowboy was feeling fenced in.

Saddled with a restrictive design format, the two-year-old magazine approached Acme for help. Dwindling newsstand sales and advertiser unrest had dampened enthusiasm for the western lifestyle publication.

American Cowboy's covers required immediate attention. Sell-through figures had fallen to 29%. Under Acme's new design approach, AC's covers became bold posters. Sales increased more than 30% with the first issue, to a sell-through of over 40%, and continued upward. One redesigned issue sold out completely. As part of its structural overhaul, Acme recommended a hierarchical presentation of editorial, dividing all stories into three classifications: features, departments, and "super departments" (repeating editorial to be treated as features).

With a clearly delineated editorial well in the new American Cowboy surrounded by readers' favorite departments every month, navigation improved, desirable ad positions opened up, and the magazine was (forgive us) back in the saddle again.

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